Blakk Hair Extensions

#60 LIGHT BLONDE |Luxury Tape Extensions


#60 LIGHT BLONDE | Hair Extensions Tape

- 100% Brazilian Remy Hair Double Drawn Cuticle Intact - High Premium Quality


Half head hair extensions (20pcs) approx. 50g = 2 pks 

Full head hair extensions (40pcs) approx. 100g = 4 pks

Please ensure your selection is done to suit your colour correctly.

PS: all monitors differ slightly and colour matching is key to create a natural look.


#60 LIGHT BLONDE | Hair extensions tape

High quality grade Brazilian Remy human hair. Blakk hair extensions tape are double drawn creating thickness from root to mid-lengths all the way to the baseline ensuring you avoid those wispy ends that require inches to be removed. Using only high quality tape adhesive, strong hold tape that when applied correctly will last 4-6 weeks. 

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