At Blakk Hair Extensions we are confident that we can offer salons and professional stylists a one-stop shop for all of their hair extension needs. As a leading Australia hair extension supplier with many years of experience, we are in tune with what salon professionals are looking for when it comes to choosing the perfect products for their clients.

With a team of highly trained staff supporting your every need, you'll know your business will be in capable hands to grow and succeed.

Why Choose Blakk Hair Extensions?

When it comes to choosing your hair extensions supplier, we understand that certain factors will influence your decision. Offering a carefully selected and thoroughly approved range of hair solutions to your clients will not only ensure your clients are happy with their hair extensions, but it will also improve your reputation as a high quality hair extensions stockist.


We want to provide the most innovative, high quality hair products for your clients, but we also emphasise the importance and benefits that having an Blakk Hair Extensions trade account can have on enhancing your business.

If you choose Blakk Hair Extensions as your hair extensions supplier, we can promise the following:

  • Discount off a wide range of products
  • High stock levels
  • Excellent customer service
  • Next day delivery service
  • Innovative new products 

Not only can you set up a trade account with us and become stockists of Blakk Hair Extensions we also offer hair extensions training courses where salon professionals and stylists can receive expert knowledge on various application methods. Take a look at our hair extensions training course page for more information on how you can enhance your skill set.

Apply For A Trade Account

If you’ve decided to join us and wish to set up a trade account, there are a few simple steps to complete in order to register your company. Firstly, please ensure that you have registered with Blakk Hair Extensions online so that we can upgrade your account if your application is successful. Visit our registration page to get started. 

  • Failure to provide sufficient evidence will delay your application.
  • Proof that you are a registered business (Provide ABN number)

To complete your trade account application to become a Blakk Hair Extensions stockist.

Contact us if you require any assistance with your application and we’ll be more than happy to help!