20" ULTRA TIP 10PCS #60A - ultra tip (fan tip hair extensions)

$65 $70



Style :         100% Remy Human Hair

Weight :      0.75g - 0.80g/strand

Length  :     20 Inches

Texture :     Straight s/w

Package :    10 Strands

Fan tip hair extensions

Are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow long? Nowadays with the busy lifestyles, it is almost impossible for women to maintain their hair and care for them. Regular use of styling products can damage your hair. 

Using hair extensions is the perfect solution for women who love to experiment with their looks. The extensions not only provide great volume and length but also help you get the perfect haircut you always dreamed of without causing damage to your real hair.  

With fan tip hair extensions, you will be able to achieve the desired look in a matter of just a few minutes. Use the easy to apply and versatile fan tip hair extensions and transform yourself. Save your time and money by choosing our reliable hair extensions and accessories. 

Want to buy hair extensions? We offer a selective range of fan tip hair extensions, hair care products and accessories. Details such as style, weight, and colour of extensions are available on our website to help you choose the right product. 

At Blakk, we offer various types of gorgeous fan tip hair extensions for women made from quality materials. We strive to help women attain the natural-looking hair they always wanted. From fan tip hair extensions to tape extensions, we have all types of extensions to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

We have been in the industry for over 5 years now. We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of quality fan tip hair extensions all across Australia. All our products are supplied and delivered worldwide.  

The fan tip hair extensions are a popular choice among our customers as they are 100% natural. They are damage and chemical-free which means you can style and dye the extensions any way you want. 

The lightweight extensions can be reused. Manufactured from smaller microbeads makes the extensionsundetectable. What could be better than wearing an fan tip hair extensions that looks just like your own natural hair?

Why choose our product? 

·       We offer chemical-free fan tip hair extensions system suitable for every woman.

·       The fan tip hair extensions are completely reusable.  

·       The bonded memory tip of extension does not get affected with water or heat which increases its longevity. 

·       The fan tip hair extensions is extremely comfortable to be worn all day long. It does not cause any allergic reactions or itching. 

The micro-ring application has made it possible to give you an even hair distribution. You can choose the colour that matches with your original hair. The glue is dissolved quickly and provides a neat look. 

We assure you that all our hair products are tested for defects. They are not easily damaged by the use of heating devices or hair based products. We only use the highest quality human hair to create innovative fan tip hair extensions.

To ensure the quality of our range of fan tip hair extensions, we use 100% human cuticle hair. The hair is not processed and is kept cleaned and maintained by our team of experts. 

Shop for your favourite fan tip hair extensions today. 

The fan tip hair extensions are used to add more length and volume to your hair. At Blakk, you can find natural and synthetic hair made from the best quality materials. This is the best option for every woman who wants a temporary change in their looks and style. The best part is that they do require much maintenance. Benefits of fan tip hair extensions:

· Add extra length to your hair anytime and experiment with new looks.

· Get a new hairstyle and add bounce to your hair.

· Style and colour the fan tip hair extensions without any harm to your natural hair.

· Does not require the application of glue which reduces the chances of hair damage.

· Can last for months if maintained properly.

We supply and deliver fan tip hair extensions and hair care products throughout Australia and worldwide. With our expertise in hair extensions, you get the added advantage of professional services along with quality products. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results by providing premium quality and durable hair extensions. We have a range of fan tip hair extensions: pre-bonded, weft, tape extensions, and clip in hair extensions in various shades and finishes for everyone. Choosing a hair extension and application method that is best suited for you depends on your:

1. Hair type

2. Hair texture

3. Lifestyle

4. Budget For further information on hair extensions online, please do get in touch with our customer support team.

Why ultra-tip hair extensions (fan tip hair extensions) ?

fan tip hair extensions are long-lasting; the hair texture does not get affected by heat or styling products. You can apply and remove the hair anytime you want. The hair extensions are completely flat and provide a natural flow. The lock system keeps the hair in place, this way you do not have to worry about the extensions falling out. fan tip hair extensions offer great coverage, the fan tip hair extensions are added on the top of your hair and blends with your natural hair. You can even apply oil and silicone-based hair styling products to it. The extensions are formulated to fill the hair gaps which makes it look natural. It is ideal for women with short and thick hair who want to add volume to their hair. Each hair strand can be applied easily using a small metal ring that holds the extensions. Browse our products and place your order online.


Ultra Tips (fan tip hair extensions) are a revolutionary new hair extension system that is reusable without the need to ever re-tip the hair.

• Ultra Flat
• Ultra Light
• Ultra Coverage
• Undectable
• Unbelievable results

The Ultra Tip (fan tip hair extensions) Hair Extension is not affected by heat or product damage and is completely re-usable time and time again. Lying completely flat with the natural flow of the hair, they are fitted using the oval-shaped Ultra Lock.

Ultra Tips (fan tip hair extensions) International are the innovators of this design and we are leading the revolution in the Hair Extensions world with our product. Our Ultra Tips (fan tip hair extensions) are made with only the highest quality human hair available. Our glue is made by us and we only use the best materials possible. 

We pride ourselves on the finished product as well as quality control procedures we have in place, so when you purchase from us you are getting a premium product. 

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